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1Blood Donors’ Age, Haemoglobin Type, G6PD Status, and Blood Group Impact Storability of CPDA-1 Banked Whole Blood: A Repeated-Measure Cohort Study in Cape Coast, Ghana
Patrick Adu,Gilbert Appiah Kubi,Amos Kumi,Raphael E. K. Gbedoho,Festus Ansah Kwakye,Emmanuel Sarpong,Constantine Drai,Samuel Dompreh,Fredrick Afful Sersah,Eric Ofori Gyamerah
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4Helix pomatia albumen gland water soluble protein extract as powerful antiaging agent
Gohar Tsakanova,Violetta Ayvazyan,Elina Arakelova,Anna Ayvazyan,Stepan Tatikyan,Laura Djavadovna,Nelly Babayan,Ruzanna Grigoryan,Natalya Sargsyan,Arsen Arakelyan
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5Effects of leukoreduction on storage lesions in whole blood and blood components of dogs
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6Biochemical Storage Lesions Occurring in Nonirradiated and Irradiated Red Blood Cells: A Brief Review
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7Urgent Delivery - Validation and Operational Implementation of Urgent Blood Delivery by Modern High Speed Hospital Pneumatic Tube System to Support Bleeding Emergencies Within a Hospital Massive Transfusion Protocol
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10Quantitation of intracellular triphosphate metabolites of antiretroviral agents in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) and corresponding cell count determinations: review of current methods and challenges
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11Use of antioxidant nanoparticles to reduce oxidative stress in blood storage
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13Red Blood Cell Response to Blast Levels of Force Impartations Into Freely Moveable Fluid Surfaces Inside a Closed Container
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14Determining Antibody Retention in Hemolyzed, Bacterially Contaminated, and Nobuto Filter Paper-Derived Serum Utilizing Two Brucella abortus Fluorescence Polarization Assays
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15Effect of varying external pneumatic pressure on hemolysis and red blood cell elongation index in fresh and aged blood
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16Assessment of changes in plasma hemoglobin and potassium levels in red cell units during processing and storage
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21Circulating microRNAs: potential biomarkers for common malignancies
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22Monitoring of Storage and Transportation Temperature Conditions in Red Blood Cell Units: A Cross-Sectional Study
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23Red cell storage lesion and the effect of buffy-coat reduction on the biochemical parameters
Shamee Shastry,Aaditya Shivhare,Mohandoss Murugesan,Poornima B. Baliga
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24Quantitative assessment of infusion pump-mediated haemolysis in feline packed red blood cell transfusions
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Soumya Ravikumar,Srinivasa Prabhu,Rajashekaraiah Vani
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30Two-photon microscopy imaging of oxidative stress in human living erythrocytes
Gohar Tsakanova,Elina Arakelova,Violetta Ayvazyan,Anna Ayvazyan,Stepan Tatikyan,Rouben Aroutiounian,Yeva Dalyan,Samvel Haroutiunian,Vasili Tsakanov,Arsen Arakelyan
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35In vitro measures of membrane changes reveal differences between red blood cells stored in saline-adenine-glucose-mannitol and AS-1 additive solutions: a paired study
Rosemary L. Sparrow,Amrita Sran,Geraldine Healey,Margaret F. Veale,Philip J. Norris
36Feeding response of Aedes aegypti and Anopheles dirus (Diptera: Culicidae) using out-of-date human blood in a membrane feeding apparatus
Jinrapa Pothikasikorn,Rapee Boonplueang,Chalermchai Suebsaeng,Rungpetch Khaengraeng,Theeraphap Chareonviriyaphap
Journal of Vector Ecology.2010;35(1)149
37Baseline extracellular potassium level as an indicator of the rate of increase of the same on further storage in CPDA-1 whole blood units: a potential approach to complement FIFO system for prioritisation of blood bags for release from blood-banks
S. Baliarsingh,M. Jaiswal
Transfusion Medicine.2014;24(1)45
38Two-photon imaging of oxidative stress in living erythrocytes as a measure for human aging
Gohar Tsakanova,Elina Arakelova,Violetta Ayvazyan,Anna Ayvazyan,Stepan Tatikyan,Ruzanna Grigoryan,Natalya Sargsyan,Arsen Arakelyan
Biomedical Optics Express.2020;11(7)3444
39An In Vitro Pilot Study Comparing the Novel HemoClear Gravity-Driven Microfiltration Cell Salvage System with the Conventional Centrifugal XTRA™ Autotransfusion Device
Anneloes Hoetink,Sabine F. Scherphof,Frederik J. Mooi,Paul Westers,Jack van Dijk,Sjef J. van de Leur,Arno P. Nierich
Anesthesiology Research and Practice.2020;2020(7)1
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